Individual loan

Tailor-made for your growth, on your term

Empower your business expansion plans with an agile solution that evolves alongside your business needs.

Flexible loan solutions

Unlock financial freedom with our Individual Loan, tailored to meet your needs with flexibility and affordability.

  • Flexible Tenure
    Enjoy the convenience of choosing a loan tenure that suits you, with flexibility extending up to 36 months.

  • Customizable Repayment
    Customize your repayment schedule with a flexible monthly repayment frequency.

  • Quick Application
    Experience a straightforward application process, ensuring swift approval for your Individual Loan.

  • Competitive Rates
    Benefit from competitive interest rates and fees, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your loan.

  • Fixed Rate
    Enjoy a fixed interest rate, eliminating sudden cost increases and providing stability.

  • Affordable Coverage
    Safeguard against uncertainties with affordable insurance cover accompanying your Individual Loan.

Accessible individual solutions

Discover accessible financial solutions with our Individual Loan, designed for simplicity and inclusivity.

  • Minimum Age
    Qualify for our Individual Loan if you’re 18 years or older, ensuring eligibility for a wide range of applicants.

  • Business Operation
    Own a business that has been running for at least six months to meet the eligibility criteria for our Individual Loan.

  • Credit History
    A positive credit history is valued, enhancing your eligibility, and paving the way for financial support.

  • Tanzanian Citizen
    Our Individual Loan is available to Tanzanian citizens, ensuring broader access to financial assistance.

  • Owner of Business
    Applicants must be the owners of businesses generating income to qualify for the Individual Loan.

  • Business Location
    Ensure your business operates within the bank’s service area to align with loan eligibility requirements.

  • Terms and Conditions
    Loans are subject to approval, and specific conditions may apply. Stay informed about the terms and conditions associated with our Individual Loan.

Apply for a loan

Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process.

  • 1

    Apply Online
    Fill in our easy online application form.

  • 2

    Receive a Call
    Our operator will call you in less than 24 hours and double check details with you.

  • 3

    Branch Visit
    Visit a branch for loan processing and account opening.

  • 4
    Get the funds in your account within 5 working days if all conditions fulfilled.

Start your application

Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum amount for an individual business loan is TZS 250,000, and top-up options are available.
Yes, early repayment is allowed. You have the flexibility to settle the loan before the contract period, giving you control over your financial commitments.

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