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  • What is a loan? - A loan is an amount received on the condition that will be repaid within a pre-agreed period and according to a pre-agreed schedule in stages or at once, usually along with the accrued interest.

  • A budget is a plan you develop to decide how you will spend your money at certain period (every day, week, month, year) and this plan shows you: how much money you make and how you spend.

  • Taking a loan is a commitment related to meeting a certain need. It is important to look for different alternatives, compare and choose the loan which best suits your needs and is favorable for you in terms of price.

  • Division of costs into necessary and non-essential types is critical in budget planning. Here are some tips for you on how to separate necessary and unnecessary expenses.

  • Saving is like collecting things for later. There are two main ways to save money: you can keep it at home or put it in a bank account.