How can I save money safely?

Saving is like collecting things for later. There are two main ways to save money: you can keep it at home or put it in a bank account.

Keeping money at home might seem convenient , but there are risks. The value of money can go down because of inflation, and there's a chance it could get damaged or lost. Also, if you have money at home, you might be tempted to spend it on things you

The safest way to save is to keep your money in the bank. Here are some advantages of keeping money in the bank:
  • You will receive Interest: unlike saving money at home, bank deposits allow you to earn additional interest benefits

  • Your savings are more protected: your money placed in a bank account is more secure, both from the physical destruction of banknotes and coins, and from illegal appropriation.

  • You will not spend your savings unnecessarily: saving and accumulating money in a bank account will help you avoid unnecessary spending