Mipango Accounts (A cumulative Fixed Term Deposits Account that lets you gain interest up to 14%)

Do you have a business or personal goal that you wish to achieve within a certain period of time? Mipango Accounts helps you build solid stepping blocks to reach your dreams and close the gap between your plans and achievements. Come fix your money with FINCA and gain up to 14% interest.

  • The freedom is yours, start saving from 3 months to 1 Year with a starting balance of only TZS 50,000

  • Zero account management fees

  • You can top up your initial amount anytime and be able to increase your interest based on the rate of the day of the increase

  • Have access to a Relationship Manager and let them be your patron or matron as they solve any hassle you encounter

  • Instant and hassle free account opening process

  • Easy access to FINCA Loan