Mkwanja Account (A Transactional Counts that does more for you)

  • Open the account with no minimum opening deposit

  • Conveniently transfer money between FINCA and Non-FINCA Accounts or your designated Mobile Money Wallet

  • Secured enough that alerts you with an sms on every transaction made to your account

  • Own multiple channels of accessing your money through a Branch near you, FINCA Mobile and FINCA Wakala Express

  • Got or need a Loan with FINCA? Mkwanja Account lets you easily manage your repayments in an instant, anywhere and anytime

  • Mkwanja Accounts gives you extra mile services of paying your utility bills or make any payment to a number of vendors through FINCA Mobile Banking

  • How about Free monthly Bank Statements? Easily monitor your transactions

  • Have access to a Relationship Manager and let them be your patron or matron as they solve any hassle you encounter

  • Join the community of the lowest fees in the market as you withdraw