Mkwanja account

Safe and secure for your funds

We offer you a transactional account that does more for you and guarantees safety of your investment

Terms and conditions

Our goal is to benefit every customer with special terms designed to better serve their goals.

  • No deposit fee.
  • Minimal account .maintenance fee(Only TZS. 1,770 per month).
  • Free bank statement through FINCA Express Wakala.
  • Own multiple channels of accessing your money through a branch near you, FINCA mobile, FINCA Express wakala and FINCA MasterCard.
  • Instant account opening process.
  • Lowest fees in the market as you withdraw.
  • Secured enough that alerts you with sms on every transaction made to your account.

How it works

The process is simple and hassle-free

All you need is
  • To be minimum 18 years old.
  • Hold an ID or NIDA number.
  • Visit a branch during working ours to open an account.

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, just by filling the simple form given on this page you can easily apply.
Yes, we require a minimal account maintenance fee compared to other banks (Only TZS. 1,770 per month).
Yes, we will connect your account with your mobile through our FINCA mobile bank service.
Yes, your will get the SMS notification for any transaction on your account.

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