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We grant the power of MoneyGram transfer in over 18 cash Branches across Tanzania.

Why Money Gram?

This electronic funds transfer service is fast, secure and offers users the ability to send and receive money instantly through 350,000 service points in more than 200 countries around the world.

  • Global reach: You can send and receive money to over 200 different countries.

  • Speed and Convenience: Quick and convenient money transfers within minutes of the transaction being initiated.

  • Cost efficiency: Low operational fees.

  • Send and receive money: Instantly though Banks and Telecoms Mobile Money Wallets.

  • Accessibility: it is accessible in over 18 FINCA cash Branches across Tanzania

Required Documents
  • International passport (for foreigners)
  • ID card, Passport (for nationals)
  • Reference Number (transfer code)
  • Complete sender and recipient information
  • Make the transfer by going to a FINCA branch with a cash.

  • Shares the money transfer details (transaction code/PIN and customer details) to the recipient in a secure way.
Cash withdrawal
  • The recipient goes to a FINCA branch, completes and submits a “Receive Money” form to the service.
  • The recipient collects the amount transferred in dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, customers without an account can present an ID card and receive their transfer.
Transactions can only be made in dollars for receipt.
No, the only acceptable identity is the original ID.
It is impossible, only the person authorized to access the money transferred is the recipient.

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