Frequently Asked Questions (if you can’t find the answer to your question here, don’t hesitate to call our Call Center Unit at 0755980350 or email us at

FINCA Microfinance Bank offers a full suite of financial solutions catered to the needs of our clients. That includes Savings Accounts, Loan Solutions, Fixed Term Deposits Accounts, Transactional Accounts, Money Transfer Solutions, Payment Solutions and Salary Management from the individual to the corporate level. Our offerings come with competitive rates, digital access channels and secure transactions.

FINCA Microfinance Bank offers cost effective, convenient and secure means of accessing your money through more than 20 branches across Tanzania, our agency network (FINCA Express Wakala) with more than 150 access points near your business or home and through mobile banking (just dial *150*19#).

FINCA Microfinance Bank provides top-notch customer experience to our clients, including attending to all queries and requests. Our clients can reach us at any branch. Through digital channels, the bank can be reached at or by calling our Call Center Unit at the toll-free number 0755980350.

The bank offers a wide range of savings accounts which enable our clients to plan for the future. Options include Mipango accounts (Mipango Standard and Mipango Pay-out) which enable clients to earn interest for a fixed period of three months. The Hakika Account also allows clients to earn interest but with the ability to withdraw freely once a month. FINCA also offers the Mkwanja Account, a transaction account enabling clients to conduct day-to-day transactions according to their needs.

Our loan solutions range from Individual to Group Loans. Individual Loan offerings include the Business Loan, School Fees Loan, Small Enterprise Loan, Micro Business Loan and Education Provider Loans. Group Loan options include the Pamoja and Pamoja Plus Loans and the Social Financial Group Loan.

Over the years FINCA Microfinance Bank has been a leader in the microfinance industry due to its ability to serve clients promptly and conveniently. Loans can be disbursed in three days or less due to Digital Field Automation (DFA) which enables our Customer Relationship Officers to receive and transmit loan application data in the field–at the client’s home or place of business.

Your monthly repayment amount depends on the approved loan period and loan amount.

Our loan amounts range from TZS 200,000 to TZS 220 Million depending on the type of loan and capacity of the borrower.

Yes. Education Loans are paid directly to the educational institution and can be accessed even when the borrower is paying a different loan.


Charges are only for withdrawal transactions. The amount charged per transaction is TZS 590

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