Start saving today and enjoy the benefits later


HaloYako is a digital finance product designed by FINCA Microfinance Bank in partnership with Viettel Tanzania (known as Halotel) for mobile customers. HaloYako enables users to save their money safely and enjoy instant access to small loans.

HaloYako offers customers both savings (Halo Savings) and small loans (Halo Loan) at their fingertips

Halo Savings:

  • A product designed to enable customers to save their money safely and to conveniently access it with no cost involved

There is two types of Halo saving:

  • Basic Saving: A digital Savings Account with standard features

  • Target Saving: A Savings Account that allows customers to save for a pre-determined term

Benefits of Halo Saving

  • Security: Funds are secured through password protection

  • Convenient: Easy access to services at your fingertips

  • Free: No hidden charges and earn a competitive interest rate accrued monthly

  • Unlimited: Make as many transactions as you wish

Halo Loan:

  • A product designed to make available additional funds when needed, at your fingertips anytime, anywhere

Benefits of Halo Loan

  • Loan fee of 10% with a tenure of one month

  • Convenient and secure

  • Fast: Receive the funds within one minute


You must be a Halotel customer registered with HaloPesa services


A HaloPesa customer can register with HaloYako by simply dialing *150*88# and selecting 7 for HaloYako

How To

Activating HaloYako is very simple. Follow these steps:
1.  Dial *150*88#.
2.  Select 7 HaloYako
3.  Select Language (Swahili or English)
4.  Select 1 (Activate HaloYako)
5.  Select 1 (Read Terms and Conditions)
6.  Select 8 (Accept Terms and Conditions)
7.  Select 1 (If you are assisted by an agent or 2 if not assisted by an agent)
8.  Enter Agent’s Till (If you are assisted by an Agent)
9.  Enter your HaloPesa PIN.
10.  You will receive a notification for HaloYako successful activation.

1.  Dial *150*88#
2.  Select 7 (HaloYako)
3.  Select 1 (Halo Saving)
4.  Select 1 (Save)
5.  Enter Amount
6.  Select 1 (Confirm)
7.  Enter your HaloPesa PIN
8.  A notification SMS for successfully saving to Halo Saving

1.  Dial *150*88#
2.  Select 7 (HaloYako)
3.  Select 2 (Target Saving)
4.  Select 1 (Continue)
5.  Select 1 (Set Target)
6.  Enter Target Name
7.  Set Target Period
8.  Enter Amount
9.  Select 1 (Confirm)
10.  Enter your HaloPesa PIN
11.  A notification SMS for successfully setting a target

1.  Dial *150*88#
2.  Select 7 (HaloYako)
3.  Select 1 (Halo Saving)
4.  Select 4 (Check balance)
5.  Enter your HaloPesa PIN
6.  A notification SMS for Halo Saving balance

1.  Dial *150*88#
2.  Select 7 (HaloYako)
3.  Select 2 (Target Saving)
4.  Select 6 (Check balance)
5.  Select Target
6.  Enter PIN
7.  A notification SMS for Target Saving balance



Halo Loan is a short-term mobile loan offered to HaloYako customers for the purpose of meeting immediate financial needs.

This is a mobile facility which is unique in the market. It does not require any savings to receive. The customer can access it conveniently and easily at any time.

Once the loan request is approved, the disbursed amount will be credited directly to your HaloPesa wallet. In order for a customer to access it he/she must use HaloPesa services.

No, each customer can only have one loan at a particular time.

The maximum loan period is 30 days, the customer can repay the outstanding loan at any time and in any amount.

This is the number of times per month the loan can be offered to each customer. For the first cycle, the minimum amount is 2,000/= while the maximum amount is 15,000/=

A fee of 10% of the requested amount will be charged to customers before disbursement.


In order to qualify for Halo Loan, you need to be a registered user of HaloYako services and be a user of HaloPesa services.

No you do not need a different PIN. Your HaloPesa Pin is what you need to access your HaloYako services. Do not share your PIN with anyone.

To access HaloYako: It is available via HaloPesa menu dial *150*88# and select 7 HaloYako.

There is no direct relationship between FINCA loans and Halo Loan.
FINCA loan is a credit facility offered to FINCA customers.
Halo Loan is a short-term mobile credit facility offered to HaloYako customers.

A fee of 10% of the requested amount will be charged to customers before disbursement.

HaloYako is available via your mobile phone 24/7.


You can check your balance via HaloYako menu, Dial *150*88# to access HaloPesa then choose 7 HaloYako, then select option 3 which is Halo Loan. For Halo Loan balance you can check via Loan Balance menu option 3.


We follow procedures for claims from the beneficiaries through Halotel Customer care, Shops/Head Office.